Jax Thai

Jacksonville, Florida - Tel. (904) 228 0570

Jax Thai Massage & Bodywork is a massage therapy studio in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. I am a licensed massage therapist with more than 10 years of experience in the field. I began my career working with professional athletes and found that Thai massage was a good fit for them. This technique allows for deeper stretches, as it is performed with the client lying on a mat on the floor instead of on a massage table.

I also do traditional table massage.

I am licensed and insured. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Jax Thai Massage TEstimonials


"Tammy is the best masseuse I have ever worked with. The Thai Massage has turned out to be my favorite type of massage. My overall health has improved immensely since working with Tammy."

"Tammy is the best massage therapist. I have been seeing her for many years and have always had tremendous relief after her sessions. I would never go anywhere else! Always professional and accommodating w scheduling. She has healing hands!"


"Tammy is amazing with her hands. She's a true healer. If you are looking to relax, or get more sport specific results she is the therapist to see! She is extremely professional and very knowledgeable about the body and how it works. Take the time and schedule an appt with her, you won't regret it!"

"The Thai Massage is amazing, it's what would happen if yoga and massage had a baby...incredible release for pent up tension!"


"Tammy gives and excellent massage! You always feel relief and inspiration when you leave her."

"Tammy is a miracle. Holy cow, do yourself a favor and get here! Amazing thoroughness and extremely flexible to suit YOUR needs."



"Tammy is fantastic. I've been seeing her for sports massage and she does amazing work. She completely customizes the session to your needs, and it's comforting knowing her level of expertise in the field. I've got some issues from old injuries, and her massages not only help me perform better, but also help me to feel better in general. Plus she's such a great source of information! I'm so happy I was referred to Tammy."

"I just want to share some feedback on Tammy LeeAnne and what a wonderful experience I have every time I'm on her table. Tammy is professional and has a genuine care and concern for people and their well-being. Her passion for an overall healthy lifestyle is evident in her own life and her conversations. I am a personal trainer and have sent many clients to her because I know she will ensure that not only will they have a great massage but she will also help them start a journey to a healthier and happier life. Tammy LeeAnne is truly one of a kind."


"Tammy continues to amaze me with her magic hands and healing energy. Whether it’s stress in my shoulders that needs to be released, tight muscles from too much tennis or occasional flare ups of low back pain, Tammy is my cure. My husband and I both love that Tammy is always learning new techniques and constantly growing her knowledge. We have been clients for 8 years, and during that time, we have enjoyed Thai massage, cupping, deep tissue massage, and many stretching techniques. She has not only been a great therapist, she has become a great friend, advisor on health and wellness."

"Tammy LeeAnne is an amazing massage therapist! I've had the privilege to experience her deep tissue and Thai Yoga massage services. Each deserves a full 90 minutes and will make your week! I have tried many massage therapists in Jacksonville and Tammy is easily the best of the bunch hands down. I am a personal trainer and I recommend Tammy to all my clients and anyone that wants to experience the benefits of a high quality massage. I get at least two massages a month from Tammy and it does wonders for my body." www.ourhealthwealthconnection.com


"I feel better than I have felt in six months. I have been dealing with Achilles tendonitis and lower back pain from a recent move packing and unpacking. Tammy did a wonderful combination massage on my back until I was relaxed and then she focused on my Achilles tendon and releasing the tightness around my ankle. The next day I was able to walk better than I have in months and I feel close to normal. I immediately called and set up another appointment so she can continue her healing on my achilles and my ongoing overall wellness. Thank you Tammy, best massage and body work in a long time."

"Tammy is an extremely warm caring person and it translates into her massages. She genuinely cares about your experience and healing whatever your problems may be. Both my wife and I enjoy going to her on regular basis :)"