Jax Thai

Jacksonville, Florida - Tel. (904) 228 0570

Jax Thai Massage & Bodywork is a massage therapy studio in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. I am a licensed massage therapist with more than 10 years of experience in the field. I began my career working with professional athletes and found that Thai massage was a good fit for them. This technique allows for deeper stretches, as it is performed with the client lying on a mat on the floor instead of on a massage table.

I also do traditional table massage.

I am licensed and insured. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Goals & Philosophy

  • Jax Thai massage is committed to ensuring your experience is a positive one.
  • Our goal is to provide a professional, safe, and relaxing environment to every client.
  • Listen to your needs and goals for your wellness program.
  • We network with many wellness providers, so rest assured your therapist can help you find other
  • complementary services to complete your overall wellness program.
  • Your session will begin and end on time.
  • You will be treated with dignity and respect